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Kellina 815-334-5994: Heartfelt Wellness; For your Health, From the Heart
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A little bit about Kellina...
I'm a mother of three kids ages 7, 4, and 2, and am married to my Husband Joey for 11 years now. I got into Shaklee because I was supporting my neighbor and fell in love with the cleaning products. A few health challenges of my own lead me to using the nutrition line, naturally sharing the products with others, and getting my products paid for by sharing. When we decided to start a family I decided to turn my love for Shaklee into a source of income so I could stay home with the babies we dreamed of having. 10 years later and I am more in love with sharing Shaklee than ever before. Their commitment to research, purity, safety, and efficacy give me so much peace when sharing this company with others. For me, this business is about helping others with 360 degrees of wellness in their lives. That's what makes me so happy to be with you this week. Jolene chose you to be part of her launch because she cares about you and by extension I do too.