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My events are everything from coming to your home and talking to you alone, talking with you & your spouse, and anything inbetween!  I do events when your kids are home and have them help me with the demo's I do!  We are, after all, a family business so why exclude them!  I do events that you get to invite your friends and family to so you can earn free product and share what I believe to be the Gift of Shaklee with them!  I've done events on the phone or online!  I've had events big and small and always make them fun for everyone!

I love doing in-home events!!  I am always so excited to share the power of the products that it's mandatory for me to wear a watch to stay on track!  Don't get me started on the Basic H2 - I could talk all day :-)

The point is, for me 'events' are happening all the time. Call it pre-scheduled fun, pre-scheduled work, a reason to get together, or something else ... my events are really as flexible, formal or informal as I want to make them.